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Welcome to Bridgeteriors—an interior curation studio dedicated to sourcing and styling for well-collected homes nationwide.

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Creating a home really is an ongoing art—a feels-like-forever act of patience, persistence, love and care, piecing things together little by little until finally landing on that beautiful, ever-coveted "just-right" feeling. It's personal and special, time-consuming and thought-requiring, sometimes tricky and oftentimes wonderful. It's a feat made much lighter when you have someone to lean on.

Here at Bridgeteriors, we're mega-passionate about home and helping you create one you really love. Through thoughtfully curated signature style collections and bespoke services to suit your needs, we're here to guide you to those perfect finds sure to bring your home to life.


Antique Store Strolling Pattern Mixing

Sun-Soaked Spaces Neutral Tones

Estate Sale Exploring Splurging and Saving

Treasure Hunting Combining Old and New

Inviting and Comfortable Elevated Yet Attainable


A Note From Bridget

Home—a simple word that to me, means everything. It's my comfort zone, my soft place to land, my ultimate retreat. It's true what they say, there's just no place like it, and I find such joy and peace in taking great care of it—dressing it up and making it shine. Piecing together those just-right things to bring warmth, interest, beauty, and comfort to a home is a pastime I could never tire of if I tried, and my hope for Bridgeteriors is that through dedicated curation services and ongoing guidance, I can to help you bring those kinds of wonderful things home with you.

Thanks for being here.

XO Bridget
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